Castle Dice: More Castles

Product Description
  • # of Players: 1-4 Players
  • Ages: 10+
  • Play Time: 45 Minutes
  • Designer: Luke Peterschmidt
  • Publisher: Fun to 11
  • Year: 2013

    The base game of Castle Dice featured truly original gameplay. More Castles expands on the themes from the basic game while making sure the game still remains easy-to-learn for new players.

    4 Unique Castle Decks

    The big addition in More Castles, is that now each player will be using a unique Castle deck instead of sharing a common one. Each deck comes with unique new castle parts and is themed to a particular strategy/play style. This shakes up your buying decisions and can create some really fun moments.

    New Castle Building Cards

    We’ve opened up the design space as to what Castle “Building” cards do. More Castles introduces Castle pieces that allow you to draw more cards, ones that change how your villagers work, and a whole slew of other new abilities.

    New Castle Deck Action Cards

    It’s not just the castle Buildings that are new in these decks, each deck features a unique set of action cards. Cards like The Librarian who helps you get exactly the Village cards you want, the animal wrangling Stable Master, and The Puppeteer who creates a massive amount of resources on his own.

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