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  • # of Players:  2-4
  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Play Time: 20 minutes
  • Designers: Brenhard Lach; Uwe Rapp
  • Publisher: Zoch Verlag
  • Year: 2011
    • In Arschbombe – German for "cannonball" – players make cards "dive" from their hand into a swimming pool comprised of cards.

      To start the game, players create a swimming pool via a ring of scoring cards, with more cards in the ring for more players. Each player has six swimmer cards, three "rascals" who want to cannonball other swimmers and three divers. The pool is seeded with one swimmer during set-up.

      On a turn, a player chooses one swimmer card and decides whether to take a normal jump or a special jump. For the normal jump, the player stands, holds the card at eye level, then drops it onto the playing area. A diver scores points if it touches no other swimmer cards, with more points being awarded if the diver jumps later in the game. A rascal must try to "splash" a swimmer identified by the player's left-hand neighbor. If the rascal doesn't touch this card, the player scores no points; if it does, the player scores 1-3 points depending on how successful the splash is.

      For a special jump, the player must hold the card over the head (for a diver) or toss the card while sitting (for a rascal). If a swimmer card touches the edge of the pool or falls completely outside the pool, the player loses 1-2 points.

      The player with the most points after everyone's had a turn in the pool wins.

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