Crabs Adjust Humidity: Volume One

Product Description
  • # of Players: 4-30 Players
  • Ages: 17+
  • Play Time: 30 minutes
  • Publisher: Vampire Squid Cards
  • Year: 2013

    An unofficial, unauthorized expansion* to Cards Against Humanity™**.

    Love Cards Against Humanity, but even with the official expansions find yourself playing the same cards over and over again? Enter Crabs Adjust Humidity, a crappy little third-party, unofficial, unauthorized expansion card set that blends seamlessly with the original game and adds 112 morally-questionable new cards to play.
    Includes: 80 white cards, 32 black cards
    Professionally printed on linen-finish, casino-quality cards.
    100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity™.
    Contains no shellfish.
    * Don't buy this if you don't have the original game: it's useless without it.
    ** Cards Against Humanity™ is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC, and is completely unaffiliated with this site or its contents.

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