Deckscape: The Mystery of El Dorado

Product Description
  • # of Players: 1-6 Players
  • Ages: 12+
  • Play Time: 30-90 Minutes
  • Designer: Martino Chiacchiera, Silvano Sorrentino
  • Publisher: dV Giochi
  • Year: 2017

    Description from the publisher:

    Deckscape: The Mystery of Eldorado can be played with a group of friends, or solo. The expedition in search of Eldorado was a failure.  You have long sought the legendary golden city in the heart of the forest., without finding it. While you are flying back home, the head of a statue crashes against the plane, and you have to parachute to safety! You are lost in an uncharted area of the forest. This could be your end, or the very last chance to unravel the Mystery of Eldorado! Can you survive the pitfalls of the Amazon Forest & find the legendary city of Eldorado?

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