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  • # of Players: 1-5 Players
  • Ages: 14+
  • Play Time: 30-150 Minutes
  • Designer: Dave Beck
  • Publisher: Paverson Games
  • Year: 2023

    Distilled: The Spirited Strategy Game is a highly-thematic, medium weight euro game about crafting alcoholic spirits in a distillery for 1-5 players. The gameplay takes inspiration from real-world distillery processes with resource management, recipe fulfillment, tableau building, and mitigate-your-luck mechanics.
    You have inherited a distillery from a long-lost relative, and strive for the title of master distiller, through purchasing goods, building up your distillery, and crafting the world's most renowned spirits!

    Purchase new ingredients and invest in upgrades to your distillery, all while distilling the spirit and sending it to the warehouse. Once in the warehouse, age your spirit to enhance its flavor and bottle it to sell if for major profits!

    5 Distillery Player Mats
    5 Dual-layered Recipe Clipboards
    103 Spirit Label Tokens
    18 Distiller Identity Cards
    18 Signature Ingredient Cards
    33 Premium Item Cards
    36 Premium Ingredient Cards
    30 Distillery Upgrade Cards
    88 Basic Ingredient and Item Cards
    60 Alcohol Cards
    40 Flavor Cards
    23 Spirit Award Tokens
    20 Distillery Goal Cards
    20 Large Tasting Flight Cards
    8 Player Reference Cards
    8 Starting Item Cards
    1 First Player Token
    1 spirit Point, Round Track, and Spirit Label Board
    1 Basic Market Board
    1 Truck Discard Board
    37 Bronze, Silver, and Gold wood Cubes 10mm
    55 Money Tokens
    4 Wooden Scoring Tokens
    1 Wooden Round Marker
    50 Colo Cards
    1 Rulebook
    Custom GameTrayz Storage Solution

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