Indian Summer

Indian Summer

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  • # of Players: 1-4 Players
  • Ages: 10+
  • Play Time: 15-60 Minutes
  • Designer: Uwe Rosenberg
  • Publisher: Stronghold Games
  • Year: 2017

    A particularly warm Autumn bathes the forest in a golden glow. During Indian Summer, New England blossoms one last time. Trees are ablaze with countless colors from green to orange to red. On our walks through the woods, we collect various treasures: berries, nuts, mushrooms, feathers. We pause to watch the shy inhabitants of the forest before we set off towards home.

    Indian Summer is the second part of Uwe Rosenberg's puzzle trilogy following 2016's Cottage Garden, and this game is firmly geared towards experienced players. At the heart of the game are puzzle tiles with holes that are placed on individual forest boards to cover up treasures. When players get their hands on these, they gain more options and an edge over their opponents. All that counts in the end is to be the first to cover your forest floor completely with leaves.

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