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  • # of Players: 
  • # of Players: 2-4 Players
  • Ages: 10+
  • Play Time: 75 Minutes
  • Designer: Matthias Cramer
  • Publisher: Stronghold Games
  • Year: 2015

    In this third title of our new Great Designer's Series, designer Matthias Cramer takes you back to the very competitive early days of the original German automobile pioneers.

    With Kraftwagen: V6 Edition, players advance automobile production as eager start-up companies. They each research improved technologies, hire engineers, manage a workforce, and work to build better, faster engines.

    Early Grand Prix races provide the companies with prestige and money, but players struggle to balance the demands of buyers with setting the perfect price for their new cars.

    This edition adds a set of expansion tiles featuring the hottest technology available at the time, the V6 engine.

    Stronghold Games: The Great Designer Series #3

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