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  • # of Players: 2-4 Players
  • Ages: 10+
  • Play Time: 60-90 Minutes
  • Designer: Cole Wehrle
  • Publisher: Leder Games
  • Year: 2018

    Root is a board game of adventure and war in which 2 to 4 (6 with the 'Riverfolk' expansion) players battle for control of a vast wilderness.

    An asymmetrical area control game in the vein of the Counter Insurgency (COIN) series of games from GMT; but more accessible, and with cute animals. Play as the central power, the Maquis de Cat; the Alliance of Woodland Creatures that oppose her, the raptors of the high-flying Eyrie, or the Vagabond who seeks to pit all the factions against each other for their own gain. 

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