Product Description
  • # of Players: 1-6 Players
  • Ages: 13 and up
  • Play Time: 60 Minutes
  • Designer: Raphael Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Nicolas Raoult
  • Publisher: Cool Mini or Not
  • Year: 2012
    • Zombicide is a collaborative game in which players take the role of a survivor – each with unique abilities – and harness both their skills and the power of teamwork against the hordes of unthinking undead! Zombies are predictable, stupid but deadly, controlled by simple rules and a deck of cards. Unfortunately for you, there are a LOT more zombies than you have bullets.

      Find weapons, kill zombies. The more zombies you kill, the more skilled you get; the more skilled you get, the more zombies appear. The only way out is zombicide!

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