About us

Welcome to the new Time Well Spent!  

My name is Dave Reed, my wife and I are the new owners of timewellspentgames.com. I was introduced to this amazing hobby over 20 years ago.  In that time I have fallen deeper in love with both the games and the people in this community.  

I have been visiting this site for a long time, as it was my first stop whenever I was shopping for a game.  I was always impressed with the friendliness and level of customer service that was offered at Time Well Spent.  When we heard it was closing its doors,  we saw the chance to both revive an excellent company as well as become more involved in the gaming community. 

While we have a number of changes in mind for the future, we are committed to keeping the high standard of excellence that you've come to expect from Time Well Spent.  

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter  and keep an eye on Youtube as we are working on a webisode series!

Happy Gaming!

Dave Reed,

Owner, Time Well Spent Games, Inc.

Littleton, CO 80123