Artemis Project

Artemis Project

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  • # of Players: 1-5 Players
  • Ages: 13+
  • Play Time: 60-75 Minutes
  • Designer: Daryl Chow, Daniel Rocchi
  • Publisher:  Grand Gamers Guild
  • Year: 2019

    The Alien Frontiers killer! TAP is an interactive dice placement game where you fight the planet and other players to build the best colony on Europoa. Every die is valuable, as high dice will get lots of resources, but lower dice push them out of the way and risk `Exposure`, getting nothing.

    The Artemis Project is a dice (dis)placement and engine building game that has you fighting the planet as well as the other players. Roll your dice and place them tactically to thwart the other colonists. Harvest energy and minerals. Bid for buildings. Work together to go on Expeditions to earn rewards. Train workers. Will your efforts be enough to survive?

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