Kabuto Sumo

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  • # of Players: 2-4 Players
  • Ages: 6+
  • Play Time: 15 Minutes
  • Designer: Tony Miller
  • Publisher: Asmodee
  • Year: 2021

    Disc pushing insect sumo wrestling.

    Pick a wrestler. Enter the ring. Push out your opponent.

    Step into the ring. Choose your beetle warrior. Push discs, knock pieces out, power up your special move, and strike at the right time so make the finishing move! Don't get too cocky though because you lose if your bug is knocked out first or you run out of pieces to push.

    It’s a mix of those quarter dozer games from the arcade and sumo wrestling. Plus each of the 8 beetle wrestlers have unique powers (and their own uniquely shaped piece) to make every game different. 

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