New Frontiers: The Starry Rift

New Frontiers: The Starry Rift

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  • # of Players: 2-5 Players
  • Ages: 14+
  • Play Time: 45-75 Minutes
  • Designer: Thomas Lehman
  • Publisher: Rio Grande Games
  • Year: 2018

    As empires expand into the Starry Rift, they encounter the Xenos, a violent xenophobic race. Historians scour the Alien Archives for how to defeat them. Meanwhile, a flexible Uplift race develops Bio-Terraforming technology. Welcome to The Starry Rift, the first New Frontiers expansion.

    New start colonies, developments, worlds, and goals provide lots of variety. Xeno colonies — once explored — must be conquered by game end, adding risk to military paths. 6 solo campaigns supply a new play experience.

    Ages 14+
    1-5 players
    45-90 minute play time

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