Race to the North Pole

Race to the North Pole

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  • # of Players: 2-4 Players
  • Ages: 7+
  • Play Time: 45 Minutes
  • Designer: Jouni Jussila, Tomi Vainikka
  • Publisher: Playmore Games
  • Year: 2015

    Ahoy, adventurer! The Arctic is merciless: Your expedition team has to endure the unforgiving wilderness, the unexpected weather and the other fame hungry teams. Only one will be remembered as the conqueror of the North Pole. If you think you can adapt the ever-changing harsh conditions better than the others, start gearing up — the race is on!

    In Race to the North Pole each player has an expedition team which they have to navigate to the North Pole on the middle of the game board. The first player to get all of his or her pawns there wins the game. Game is played by moving with cards that are in front of you. Some cards allow movement while others also ambushing other players. But ambushing has a price! When ever you tackle another player you have to grab an "Ice Mask Tile", which include equipment and some nasty hazards that might ruin your well planned schemes.

    Race to the North Pole is an exciting competition through the arctic wilderness where players have to get their expeditions from their ships to the North Pole, the center of the board. The game features a unique rotating board which offers hilarious and surprising twists. Players can upgrade the game with an optional smart device app.


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